Live in the Heart of Lakeview

Lakeview is one of the most accessible neighborhoods in Chicago. There is a strong feeling of community among its residents, but along with it comes this big city appeal of being so close to downtown Chicago. Great restaurants, nightlife, and shopping are just a few of the features that make Lakeview an ideal place to live.



Your proximity to Broadway gives you a location enviable by most Chicago residents. If you want a social life, all you have to do is walk outside. From the theaters to the Laugh Factory, to countless bars and restaurants, no matter your taste or style, a night out on the town is within walking distance.

A Foodie’s Dream

There may not be a better food location in the city of Chicago. The choices on Broadway alone are enough to keep you eating for months. And in an area that's becoming more and more sought after, there are constantly newcomers to the scene of Lakeview restaurants.

Chicago Festivals

The festivals in Chicago bring visitors from all over. From music festivals to food to culture fests, every weekend you can find one to go try. And most weekends they’ll be within walking distance of you. The Lakeview Festival of the Arts, the Belmont-Sheffield Music Fest, and the Taste of Lakeview, are just a few options.

Public Transit

Getting to work, meeting up with friends, or just exploring other neighborhoods is made convenient by your proximity to so many public transit options. Both the busses and trains are within walking distance and can get you virtually anywhere in the city of Chicago and beyond.